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Wednesday 24 Aug 2016
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Bookham Vision

Is your chance to tell us what you want from your village.  Bookham Vision is the name given to the village plan that is being put together for Bookham, resourced by volunteers, many of whom have expertise and practical experience in the matters we are working on.

The project covers all aspects of life from schooling to shopping, pubs to parking, developments and roads to recycling and recreation.  Whether you live, work, go to school, eat, or shop in Bookham we need to hear from you.  The plan's output is anticipated by local government, other authorities and private businesses alike.

This website is intended to keep you informed about our progress along the way, and to allow you to get in touch with us for suggestions, observations, volunteering, and general encouragement.

Please check in with us regularly – it’s YOUR plan after all, so we need your support


Latest News

REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS - now read all the results

After two years of research and consultation, we are pleased to publish our findings and present our recommendations. 

A comprehensive report has been produced based on the data provided and you can read it HERE

In order to obtain the views of the Community we carried out 2 surveys.  The Household Survey was delivered to every one of the 4,886 households in Bookham and 3,326 completed surveys were returned.  That is a maginficent 68% response. You can view a copy of this survey by clicking HERE  The Business Survey was delivered to 407 businesses, but only 68 completed it. You can view a copy of this survey by clicking HERE

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Community Polls

The High Street - what would improve it?